Fast Service from DESMI helps Norwegian Waterpark

Urgency was key as DESMI assisted Hovden Waterpark with a new NSL pump with Stainless fittings for their swimming pools. Pump selection, drawings and specifications were quickly prepared, so the old pump at Hovden could be replaced with a new and more energy-efficient one.

The issue with the old pump was discovered a Wednesday and after a quick talk with DESMI the Daily Manager of Hovden Waterpark, Torvald Gautland was presented with a suitable solution the next day and Mr. Gautland placed the order the right away.


Mr. Gautland continues the story:

The pump was built on Friday and was available for pick up Tuesday Morning. The paint was still not completely dry, but as we urgently needed the pump, I had a Danish friend picking it up and driving it to Hovden. With only minor installation challenges, the pump stood fully assembled and ready to use Wednesday night. Very good and fast service from DESMI.


Definitely our first choice in manufacturer next time we are in a need of a pump solution.”