DESMI Cargo pumps

Deepwell Cargo and Booster Pumps for Gas Carriers with a wide array of traits and features.

• Well-proven double shaft seal to safeguard against any leakage
• Easy shipment and assembly at yard
• Reduced number of impeller stages
• Possibility to rotate the shaft in counter direction in case of ice-blocking
• Ease of installation and maintenance
• State-of-the-art energy efficiency and NPSH requirements

A safe, efficient and reliable


The NDW pumps from DESMI are energy efficient and well proven for pumping every media from LPG, to LEG over a wide range of chemicals, through to CO₂.

If you start to count and visit cargo ships sailing around the world, you will notice that many DESMI Deepwell pumps are installed and in use. The number of parts and the efficiency of the pumps have been improved based on the operational experiences from our existing pumps and by means of modern design tools and our in-house test facilities.

Cargo Pump Video Explained


From its energy-efficient design to its superior suction capabilities and proven technology, this pump sets new standards for the safe and efficient handling of liquified gases in the marine segment.


Watch the video below and discover why DESMI is the go-to choice for shipowners and operators looking for an advanced cargo pump that meets their specific requirements.

Cargo pump on ship








We have carefully reviewed all materials and parts to ensure that
our pump can resist the most aggressive and difficult chemicals and
gases. The world is constantly changing and so is the list of possible
cargoes. We are ready to access, if it is possible to pump a certain
cargo or if special materials are required. Not only today, but also if
it is questioned whether one of the installed pumps are capable to
handle a certain cargo in the future.


DESMI also manufactures booster pumps to be
placed on the deck and to support the DESWELL
pump obtaining a higher total pressure of the
cargo, if required by the gas terminal.

The booster pumps are single-stage centrifugal
pumps available in various sizes according to

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 850 m³/h / 3742 gpm
Pressure: up to 150 mLC / 0 - 459 ftLC
Temperature: down to -165°C / -265°F



Cargo pump

Materials and vessel types

Stainless steel AISI or similar for cargo temperatures down to -165oC.
Stainless steel AISI 304 or 316L for special requirements


The DESWELL pumps are available in various sizes and can be
customized to meet the requirements for your ship


Technical specifications:

Capacities: up to 850 m³/h / 3742 US gpm
Pressure: up to 160 mLC / 0-459 ftLC
Temperatures: down to -165oC / -265oF

Vessels types:

  • Fully refrigerated
  • Semi refrigerated
  • Ethylene capable
  • Chemical tankers

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