Low Maintenance Pumps for Kinnerton

During the last 18 months, Kinnerton has converted almost their entire pump range at the Norfolk factory into DESMI ROTAN® pumps. More than 38 pumps have been delivered during these months and more are to come.

Lee Hunt – Engineering Manager says: “With DESMI ROTAN® pumps it has been easy rebuilding the pumps and the benefits are many. However, one of the main reasons is the low maintenance. Before we did a check each 6 months and had to do a full repair. With the DESMI ROTAN® pumps we have done a yearly check and we only had to replace the packing on few pumps.”


Established in 1978, Kinnerton Confectionery is Britain’s largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionery specialising in character licensing. Kinnerton produce private label and bespoke confectionery for Britain’s largest retailers as well as many famous brands.

Kinnerton produces 1,500 variants of chocolate products a year including 13 million advents. In value a chocolate production of 77 million pounds, and the production is still expanding.


DESMI ROTAN® pumps are placed all over the production - moulding novelty and nut side and they also have a mobile pump when adding different chocolate to a main tank, which right now counts to four 25 ton tanks and one 20 ton tank at the factory in Norfolk.

When talking to Lee Hunt there was no question about Kinnerton being satisfied with the DESMI ROTAN® pumps, and the following benefits were mentioned:

Good price

More accurate pumping

Energy saving due to inverter-VSD control

Smaller pumps, smaller motor, but greater capacities

Low maintenance