Road construction company chooses ROTAN® asphalt and fueling Pumps

Haskell Lemon Construction Co. - a leading Oklahoma road construction company chooses ROTAN® asphalt and fueling Pumps

The pursuit of higher standards and expectations through investment in technology is a characteristic of leading manufactures. This philosophy was in place when Larry Lemon of Haskell Lemon Construction Co., considered the first ROTAN® asphalt pump.

Haskell Lemon has purchased the ROTAN®’s unique “electric heated” asphalt pump option where hot oil / steam were unavailable in a remote location.  A ROTAN® control box activates 3 cartridge heaters.

The heaters switch on and are deactivated once the preset maximum temperature is reached, saving energy. An added benefit was uncovered when the lift capability of the ROTAN® was tested. The original asphalt pump was positioned in a special framed structure that was lowered to the surface for priming purposes. ROTAN®’s lift capability allowed for the pump to be located in a fixed position, well above the tank surface.

Early this year a new truck load project included delivery of asphalt from a 1.5 million gallon underground asphalt storage tank. A 18’ suction lift and high delivery rates required the pump package to be specifically designed for extreme service. CEI Enterprises of Albuquerque NM was chosen to build the ROTAN® equipped pumping unit. Their hands on approach was proven with a personal visit from CEI president Mike Bremmer and Regional sales manager, Gary Kamplain to oversee start-up.


Facility manager, David Dodd brings numerous pumping applications into focus and understands the strength of the ROTAN® product along with the support needed to design and implement the proper piping and drive equipment. David chose the most advanced ROTAN® sealing technology where leakage is eliminated and lift generating vacuum is maintained. Care was taken to remove all unnecessary suction restrictions and a variable frequency control drive provided optimized loading rates based on changing lift and asphalt operating temperatures.


The first asphalt truck was loaded May 14th with performance and output meeting all expectations.


An excellent product is only as good as the local support delivered through factory and sales distribution. Haskell Lemon Construction Company is supported by leading and full service ROTAN® distributor Southwest Pumps and Filters. Southwest Pumps and Filters, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri and supported locally in Oklahoma works closely in all phases of ROTAN® selection, startup, and repair.

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