Support information for new Citrix_DK version
Support information for new Citrix_UK version


Operational status

We currently experience no issues.

Helpdesk opening hours
Monday - Thursday: 03:00 - 16:00 (local danish time)
Friday: 03:00 - 15:30 (local danish time)
How to contact the IT service desk
When you need IT support please create a ticket in our Helpdesk system.
there are 3 ways you can access the Helpdesk system.
1. You can press (CTRL + F12) that will open a window in your internet explorer
2. Double-click the shortcut icon on your desktop named "Helpdesk"
3. Click the following link: Helpdesk
In case that you cannot get access to the IT helpdesk system,
please use the following phone number to contact IT.
Telephone:   +45 89 88 05 52
Remote support