DESMI ROTAN® gear pumps are ideal when producing pulp and paper

Pumps for Slurries in the Pulp & Paper Industry

For decades DESMI ROTAN® gear pumps have been used throughout the world, successfully pumping a variety of liquids such as sulphate soap, tall oil, pitch fuel/oil, caustic soda, lignin, turpentine, resin, starch, and slurries in the pulp and paper industry.

We have the products, the know-how and the field experience to be the first choice supplier for positive displacement pump within heavy industry.

When it comes to pumps for pulp and paper, we suggest:

Our Heavy Duty Internal Gear Pump, the ROTAN® HD

A reliable heavy duty gear pump with true back pull-out design


HD pumps are specifically designed for difficult applications and those involving high viscosity liquids eg. pulp for the production of paper.

DESMI ROTAN® Heavy Duty Internal Gear Pump

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