HVAC system pumps for Lotte Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam

DESMI NSL & ESL in-line centrifugal pumps for Lotte Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam was delivered years ago. Lotte Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam is the icon tower in the capital of Vietnam. The tower has 65 storeys and is one of the most famous and high class shopping malls in Vietnam. The tower is also designed for flats and hotel.

DESMI has delivered 68 sets of NSL and ESL centrifugal pumps.

All pumps are installed in the chiller room and used for the buildings centralized HVAC system:

- Chilled Water Circulation
- Hot Water Circulation
- Cooling Water

The pumps circulate water between the cooling tower and the chiller - and from the chiller to each floor AHU unit.

Some of the centrifugal pumps are delivered according to PN25 high pressure casing rate. The 68 pumps are delivered in capacities ranging from 333 to 11,690 lpm. Casing varies between Ductile Iron and Cast Iron and impellers are delivered in both NiAI-BZ or bronze.