Procurement Policy

Our aim is to improve our procurement performance by establishing ambitious targets as to reduction of costs and overheads, value creation and improved achievements.

  • Quality and lead time are the most important factors. We expect our suppliers to deliver ordered products and services with the correct quantities and quality.
  • Our aim is to standardize our product range and at the same time reduce the number of suppliers.
  • We wish to procure materials at the right market prices. We do not necessarily aim at undertaking the majority of our purchases globally but focus on selecting the optimum supplier for every product line – nationally as well as globally.
  • We wish to strive for good partnerships with our most important suppliers with a view to strengthening the mutual competitive performance. The relations with our suppliers should be characterised by full sincerity and co-operation, including mutual exchange of know-how and information.
  • All suppliers will be segmented on the basis of our internal KPI (Key Point Indicators) which are; delivery performance, quality, price optimisation, and innovativeness.
  • We constantly aim at improving our performances and expect our partners to do the same.
  • Cooperating with us should as a main rule mean growth for both our partners as well ourselves.
  • We encourage our suppliers to show environmental and social responsibility as well as ethically correct business behaviour and anti-modern slavery - and of course we offer the same.

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