Methanol Pumps

DESMI's high-efficient & reliable Methanol Pumps are revolutionising the safe handling of alternative fuels. Due to its seal-less design, the mag-drive pump is the perfect match when handling new marine fuels, as they can be environmentally sensitive.

Magnetically Driven Methanol Pump

The quest for greener alternatives to traditional fossil fuels is essential, yet it comes with its own set of challenges. New fuel types such as methanol are often toxic or hazardous, necessitating stringent isolation measures and double-walled piping systems. 


Insulated composite cannister, designed to eliminate eddy loss, and ensure low power consumption. High-quality material and optimal structure secure the pump maximum working pressure up to 16 bar. With its compact design and small footprint this pump offers convenient and flexible installation, particularly in enclosed spaces. Built-in PT100 allows for monitoring of coupling temperature risk. Leakage probe option can be used to detect any leaks from the cannister. 



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Leak Prevention

Due to seal-less design, the mag-drive pump is the perfect match when handling new marine fuels, as they can be corrosive, toxic, or environmentally sensitive.


Enhanced Safety

Reduced risk of hazardous or toxic liquids escaping into environment.


Improved Reliability

Fewer moving parts, reducing mechanical failure, leads to increased pump reliability and uptime.


Low Maintenance

With fewer mechanical components, mag-drive pumps typically require less maintenance and downtime for servicing than mechanically driven pumps.

Reduced Friction

As mag-drive pumps do not have any mechanical seal, friction is eliminated, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of the pump.



Mag-drive pumps can be designed with precise control over flow rates, which can lead to energy-savings when compared to constant-speed mechanically driven pumps.


Quiet Operation

The absence of shaft seal and ball bearings ensures noise-reduced operation.


Environmental Benefits

More environmental-friendly operation due to reduction in leaks.

Methanol Pumps For All Systems

Methanol Fuel Supply System

- Vital for green vessel propulsion.

- Components designed for the marine environment.

- DESMI offers a full range of specialized pumps including booster, draining, water heating, etc.


Methanol Transfer 

- Essential for green fuel systems. 

- DESMI's high-performance transfer pumps.

- Comprehensive range of specialized pumps available.

Methanol Bunkering

- Crucial in the transition to Green Methanol.

- DESMI's magnetic-driven pumps ensure safety and reliability.

- Your partner for clean, alternative fuel bunkering.

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