Easy Access to Savings on Board Ships

Grindrod Shipping, owner and manager of IVS and Unicorn Tankers, has installed OptiSaveTM on board 9 vessels; 7 bulk carriers and 2 tankers and more will follow.

The co-operation with IVS goes back to 2009 and the first OptiSaveTM system was installed on board one of the bulk carriers soon after.

“We have a great co-operation with DESMI and their automation team. We always look at how much fuel can be saved and where we can improve the efficiency – and more ideas for improvements are coming up all the time”, says Per Fabricius, Technical Project Manager at Grindrod Shipping.


OptiSaveTM is installed for seawater, freshwater, ventilation, and airconditioning, and the surveillance is online 24/7 which makes it easy for Per Fabricius to follow how much fuel is saved, how the vessels perform and how we can help the vessels to perform better.


Per Fabricius continues, “I believe we are first movers on the system. It is a great surveillance system, we are online all the time so to me this makes performance management easy”.

So far, OptiSaveTM saves a total of 125 tons fuel a month on average and Per Fabricius keeps track of the fuel index from year to year so that he always knows how well each tanker and bulk carrier performs.
“All vessels sail worldwide and report the numbers of CO2 , NOX and SOX monthly to the main offices in Singapore and South Africa. With the OptiSaveTM system this is an easy task to complete”.


At the moment Per Fabricius and DESMI are developing a training simulator for easy training of the crew to handle the system and improve efficiency.
“It is fantastic to have workshops with DESMI, brainstorm on new ideas, and develop the system and efficiencies for our vessels – the mutual co-operation is very beneficial to both of our businesses – a win-win situation,” concludes Per Fabricius.


Savings and highlights from January 1st 2016 to July 31st 2016:

Savings in USD:
Average SW temperature - 9 vessels: