Efficient Pump System for Heavy Loading and Unloading

When Robert Malachowski was recommended to use DESMI pumps on board the new Cargo pontoon TRD-HORIZON he was quick to say yes and have DESMI ballast pumps installed.





When the project started, it was important for Robert to have pumps that could pump to a length of 80 meters. This was made possible with the 4 DESMI NSL centrifugal pumps from DESMI.


“This is heavy loading, and the DESMI pumps were perfect for the job – I am very satisfied with the solution” says Robert and continues: “The 4 pumps from DESMI were not only very efficient, they were also a perfect match for the system and have exceeded the expectations with their high performance”.

The pumps are of the NSL type 125-265/D02 with self-priming units and are onboard the Cargo pontoon TRD-HORIZON.

The 4 pumps can handle 150 tonnes per hour each, meaning the ballast system can handle up to 600 tonnes of load per hour.


Trend Projekt was started back in 2009 and has today 35 employees in Poland. The company expertise is steelwork on heavy transport and engineering solutions. Trend Projekts include services of skidding, heavy lifting, land and sea transportation and challenging engineering tasks.

Trend Projekt has delivered solutions for many projects all over the world.

The main dimensions of the TRD-HORIZON are:
Length: 79.5 m
Breadth: 24.8 m
Depth: 5 m
Free board: 1.169 m


Lightweight: 1170 t
Deadweight: 6535.93 t
Gross tonnage: 2682 t
Net tonnage: 804 t3


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