Energy Savings Exceeding Expectations

To optimize the pump speed to actual conditions by saving fuel, the DESMI OptiSave™ Energy Saving
system has been installed on CBED’s seven fans and four seawater and freshwater pumps on
board Wind Innovation.

When sailing around the world

When sailing around the world, it is important to take optimizing of your engine room pumps into consideration, so that they only run according to actual conditions. With a DESMI OptiSave™ Energy Saving system you ensure this and thereby save energy and in the end tonnes of fuel. At CBED’s Wind Innovation, the OptiSave™ system has been installed on both seawater and freshwater pumps, and recently the installation has been expanded to include 7 fans for various engine rooms, also.

Marine equipment

Technical Superintendent, CBED, Morten Villadsen explains:

“In general, the project planning, saving calculations, and installation were made professionally without any problems. With the OptiSave™ system in place, we have received some very encouraging results on our energy saving investments. By installing DESMI FQ converters on the main generator cooling pumps and engine room ventilation, we are now recording daily average savings of 1,748 kWh. In a year, this corresponds to the annual energy consumption of 171 average UK households.

These energy savings exceeded our expectations and initial calculations of a 10-month ROI, as we already gained these results after just 8 months. DESMI OptiSave™ control system always provides a good overview of exactly how much energy is saved, and it is very easy to manage the system. DESMI FQ converters are definitely worth to consider when the intention is to save energy on board your vessel”.

OptiSave Pump interface

OptiSave fan interface