OptiSave™ - Energy Saving System

DESMI OptiSave™ is a sophisticated energy-saving system designed to optimize the operation of pumps and fans by adjusting their speed to match current conditions.

The benefits of DESMI OptiSave™


  • Energy saving up to 90%
  • Short return on investment
  • Prolonged lifetime of pumps due to less wear and tear
  • Minimum changes in existing electrical installations
  • Proven savings from +690 systems in operation
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Worldwide service support

DESMI OptiSave™ energy saving system


High Efficiency and Reliability

Energy Saving System

DESMI OptiSave™ is an control system aimed at reducing fuel consumption and increasing the efficiency of pumps and fans in various applications. It achieves this by continuously monitoring operational conditions and adjusting the speed of the equipment to ensure optimal performance.

DESMI OptiSave™

Potential savings

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DESMI OptiSave™ offers simple power management for energy efficiency compliance

Fuel savings and compliance with IMO efficiency regulations via intelligent power management for cooling pumps and fans from DESMI OptiSave™

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