OptiSave for SINOKOR & WAH KWONG vessels

Back in 2015, when Cargill was looking for an energy saving solution for a new-building project to be made, DESMI OptiSave was introduced. Starting from 2020 a series of six vessels managed by WAH KWONG had the OptiSave system installed on their main sea water pumps, main FW/LT pumps and engine room pumps. The first installations were the start of a great co-operation.

Impressive results

For Dimitar Bankov, Technical Superintendent / Ocean Transportation at Cargill the results of the DESMI OptiSave Energy Saving System were impressive.

“We had heard about the OptiSave system and the savings the system could make, so of course we wanted to see, if savings could be made on some of our chartered vessels too. I was impressed. After the sea trial of our two chartered handy size 35kDWT vessels, the savings were obvious when the system was used properly.”

The co-operation between Cargill and DESMI started back in 2015, and since then more OptiSave  systems have been installed on board their chartered vessels - both on newbuilding vessels and as retrofit.

As a retrofit installation the OptiSave turnkey solution has been installed on board the SINOKOR bulk carriers 




All vessels with a capacity of 180 KDWT.


The calculated yearly reductions in GHG emission based on vessel typical operation profiles are:


m/s PACIFIC EAST CO2: 1265 Tons Sox: 24 Tons NOx: 41 Tons
m/s PACIFIC SOUTH CO2: 986 Tons Sox: 19 Tons NOx: 32 Tons
m/s PACIFIC WEST CO2: 986 Tons Sox: 19 Tons NOx: 32 Tons
m/s PACIFIC NORTH CO2: 721 Tons Sox: 14 Tons NOx: 21 Tons


All OptiSave systems delivered to Cargill’s chartered vessels are equipped with remote access capabilities which gives a quick and easy overview of the savings. The four SINOKOR vessels are also installed with DESMI stainless steel pumps as a scrubber retrofit project for safe and efficient sulphur removal. 


About the co-operation Mr. Bankov says: “DESMI has proven to be a reliable partner. They are fast responding, very flexible, and deliver excellent quality products, and service”


Over the years, the development of the OptiSave system has been noticable and Mr. Bankov concludes: “The OptiSave System reflects the increasing demand for quality energy saving solutions inside the shipping industry”.

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