NSL Stainless Steel (Scrubber)

Vertical In-line Centrifugal Pump in stainless steel
DN 65 to 400, Up to 1800 m3/h


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Market Leader at both Sea and Land


DESMI has manufactured pumps and pumping solutions for more than a century and in recent years our expertise in pumps for scrubber solutions has increased significantly, which makes us a unique partner for delivery of pumps for scrubber systems for all types of vessels and landbased applications.

Today DESMI is working together with the world's biggest suppliers of scrubber solutions and some of the reasons why they prefer DESMI are:


  • Highest efficiency in class
  • Reliable scrubber pump solutions in stainless steel
  • Many years of knowhow, and installations worldwide
  • Short delivery time


The DESMI NSL stainless steel pump meets the special marine and industrial market requirements:

  • Aggressive fluids
  • Sturdy design
  • Low NPSH values
  • Easy installation/service

Market Leader at both Sea and Land

DESMI Scrubber Pumps

One component, in particular, needs to be carefully selected to ensure safe and efficient sulphur removal. The Pump!

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NSL Stainless Steel

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Selection programs

Find curves for existing pumps, get GA drawings for initial designs and compare efficiency, motor power, NPSH and other data to find the right pump.

DESMI Centrifugal Pumps

The range of centrifugal pumps is made to meet the requirements of a wide array of different applications. Be it district heating, cooling, HVAC, fire-fighting or perhaps pumps for the engine room of a maritime vessel, a centrifugal pump is often the ideal choice.

DESMI's centrifugal pumps are characterised by high-level efficiency and low NPSH values. Our vertical pumps require minimal space and provide easy access for maintenance of the pump's rotating parts.

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