Long-life Oil Pumps – Ditlev Reefer

Highly efficient and reliable DESMI ROTAN engine and booster pumps.

After 25 years, it was finally time to replace the old ROTAN® pumps.
They say that on average, a pump’s life is about 10 – 15 years if you overhaul and maintain the pump properly, but in the case of the pumps used back in 1990 when Chartworld Shipping Corporation, Greece, built the cargo ship Ditlev Reefer, the pump life was 25 years.

DESMI has a long history of supplying service-friendly and highly efficient pumps for the shipping industry. Ditlev Reefer was built at the Danish shipyard Danyard, and ROTAN® GP33 AUX engine fuel oil booster pumps were supplied for this ship. These pumps are used for transporting lubricants, mineral oil, animal oil, vegetable oil, and other liquid lubricants, such as lube oil and fuel oil.

The facts show that ROTAN® pumps are of the very best quality. If you convert the pumps’ life into man-hours you will get an equation that looks something like this:

You will need 5.5 men to work full-time every day in 25 years to match the pumps’ work effort

Nowhere to be found In fact, the pumps were so old that at first, it was a challenge for DESMI to find the pumps’ serial numbers in the system. Only when Henrik Broe from DESMI thought of looking in the old paper archive, the mystery was solved.

Henrik says: “Now we understand the confusion about the serial numbers, The pumps were produced back in 1989 - 26 years ago !!   The original manufacturer was Thrige Pumps and DESMI took over this company and the ROTAN® pump range about 20 years ago, and the Thrige serial numbers are not in DESMI’s pump number system. Anyway, we have found the old Thrige serial numbers in an old paper archive in our basement and have therefore been able to offer complete replacement pumps.”

Chartworld Shipping Corporation in Greece got their new efficient DESMI ROTAN® pumps that are now  operating to the full satisfaction of everyone on board Ditlev Reefer – and like many other ship owners using DESMI ROTAN® pumps they can look forward to many years of reliable pump operation.


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