Petrofac - FPF1 Seawater Lift Pumps

DESMI was approached by a consultant to Petrofac, one of the world’s leading oilfield service companies for the supply of 3 x Seawater Lift Pumps as part of a major conversion to an Oil Production Platform – FPF1 (Floating Production Facility).

The application of Seawater Lift, basically means just that! The pumps are located deep in one of the legs of the platform/vessel and are used to pump Seawater water up to what is known as the ‘Topsides’ which is where the majority of the machinery is located such as the Diesel Generators which require cooling water along with other equipment and pumps which require a feed of water.

No pump (on this earth – ‘atmospheric pressure 1013 mbar’) can be positioned at the top of the platform and draw up the water from such a height on the suction side because it is against the laws of physics.  In these applications where there is a large difference in height between the water level and the level where the water needs to get to the water must be pumped up from below.  Other equipment can then take this water directly for many other applications.  Fire pumps for example can take the water into the suction and pressurise it further as required.  


The existing pumps were Vertical Turbine Type but the customer wanted to change to Vertical in-Line Type for ease of maintenance and lower cost solution.  DESMI’s solution was to offer NSL300-525 D-14 fitted with 600 kW, 6600V/3ph/60Hz WEG Electric Motors – Duty = 1250m³/hr @ 11.95 bar x 1788 RPM.


We always label these sorts of projects/contracts as high value, high risk and high maintenance.  The equipment is essentially just a pump but the total scope of supply is very much not just a pump in terms of quality, material certification, testing, supporting technical data, performance guarantees and contract documentation.  These projects require a huge amount of extra work, coordination and commitment from all parties involved.

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