Quick Bitumen Unloading at NCC

NCC is installing pumps for unloading bitumen at the plants in Denmark to ensure that the truck drivers can unload bitumen quickly and safely, which is very important to both the drivers and the NCC management.

Carsten Lundhøj, NCC, chose DESMI as pump supplier for NCC’s plants in Denmark.

The chosen pump is ROTAN® HD152. “Max. one hour is available for unloading at each plant including time for attaching and detaching hoses etc. It is therefore very important that we use pumps that can manage 50-70 m3/hour or can load approx. 38 ton at a time. DESMI’s ROTAN® pump fully lives up to this. Furthermore, we make the unloading more safe by drawing bitumen into our tanks instead of pressing it by increasing the pressure in the truck tank. We avoid that hose and couplings between truck and bitumen tanks are under pressure which reduces the risk of burns due to hot bitumen if a hose or coupling should break down”, says Carsten Lundhøj.


Asked why the choice fell on DESMI’s ROTAN® pump, Carsten Lundhøj replies “DESMI has a good reputation in this business and has the technical and professional knowledge about bitumen that ensures that the pump is perfectly suited for this purpose. Service is at a high level and we know the ROTAN® pump as a very efficient and reliable pump and together with a good price this made it easy to let the choice fall on exactly this pump”.

The pump is provided with electrical heating and a control box for adjustment of the heating to ensure that the pump cannot be started if it is not sufficiently warm. The unloaded bitumen varies dependent on which type of asphalt the bitumen is intended for - and no matter what is unloaded from truck into tanks, the DESMI ROTAN® pump makes the unloading unproblematic.

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