Effective Pump Solutions for Haraldslund Swimming Centre

DESMI has many years of experience with swimming pools, public baths, aqua parks etc. Within the leisure industry, DESMI offers pumping solutions with low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Through the years DESMI has provided Haraldslund Swimming and Cultural Centre in Denmark with reliable products and professional service, and  Kim Kaalund, technical supervisor of the swimming pools, is very convinced about the quality of the service provided by DESMI:

"We are very satisfied with our DESMI pumps, which we have had for many years. All together, we have 15 pumps, and they are all running perfectly. Recently we decided to replace some of the older pumps by some new and more energy-efficient ones. This has led to great savings for our operations."

DESMI has delivered a diverse pump package including both highly efficient NSLH centrifugal pumps for the different pools, submerged pumps for pumping water to the sewage system, and a Modular S centrifugal pump for removal of bottom debris.


Furthermore, Haraldslund has signed a service agreement to ensure that the high efficiency level of the pumps is maintained.


“We have signed a service contract with DESMI covering some of our pumps and we have nothing but praise for the DESMI service department. They comply with the agreements, and the pumps are running smoothly - making my day much easier,” says Kim Kaalund.


The highly efficient pumps offer substantial energy savings and contribute to an environmentally friendly energy consumption, which perfectly matches the centre’s focus on health.

DESMI Pumps in Haraldslund

  1. 25 m pool
    NSLH200-265B w. 11 kW motor & variable frequency converter
  2. Hot water pool
    NSLH200-265B w. 11 kW motor & variable frequency converter
  3. Children´s pool
    NSLH100-215B w. 3 kW motor & variable frequency converter
  4. Backflush pump for sand filter
    PVLN 2200 for all filters.
  5. Modular S pump for removal of bottom debris
  6. A lot of small PVLN pumps for carbon filter
  7. Submerged pumps for pumping water to the sewer system.
    The water comes from the cold pool and drainage of the floor.