HT Harbour Pumps

Enhance port operations with DESMI's HT Harbour Pumps, ensuring optimal heating for main engine during port stays and effectively reducing power consumption.

• Save energy with a dedicated harbour pump for heating
• Reduce yearly operating hours on main circulating pumps
• Endorsed by engine builders for reliability and efficiency
• Lower power consumption in port for cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions

Minimize Energy Consumption

DESMI's HT (High Temperature) Harbour Pump not only reduces power consumption in port but also contributes to cost savings and CO2 emission reduction, fostering a sustainable future.

Today, maintaining heat for the main engine during port stays involves diverting a portion of the re-circulated cooling water through a steam-heated heat exchanger. The flow necessary to keep the engine warm represents only 10% of the usual flow for engine cooling.


Instead of utilizing a partial stream form the full-flow HT circulation pump, a harbour pump with the required capacity can be integrated into the piping for the steam heater. This adjustment considerably reduces power consumption and decreases the yearly operating hours on the main circulating pumps.


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