Environmentally Friendly Fuel Installations

Modular S pumps for containerised fuel units.

In South Africa there are many infrastructure projects which require either temporary or semi-permament fuel intallations (usually diesel). DESMI Modular S pumps are used for these installations.,

Fuel installations need to be:

- Environmentally friendly
- Portable
- Easy to set up

DESMI distributor in Southern Africa, Pumptec, has had a great deal of success in supplying Modular S pumps for containerized fuel units.


The units are usually built with dimensions of standard freight containers, which allow them to be easily transported by road, rail or even ships to where they are needed.


There are various designs available, but in general they usually consist of a tank section (to store the fuel in) and a compartment to house the pump, meters, valves etc.

Because they are self-contained, any spills are retained in the container and will not contaminate the ground on which it is standing. The containers usually have two pumps, one for offloading from a tanker for storage inside the container, and another for pumping the fuel into trucks etc. For standardization purposes, both are usually the DESMI Modular S pumps.

The perfect choice!

The DESMI Modular S pump was selected because experience had shown that it is advisable to use a self-priming pump for the transfer of fuel from road tankers to storage, due to the amount of air experienced at the beginning (when hoses are empty) and the end of a load (when the tanker is sucked “dry”). In addition, the larger models (Modular S70 and above) have flanged connections, which is preferred. “The DESMI Modular S pumps have proved themselves to be reliable and easy to maintain because there are no adjustments or shims required to set internal clearances.


Lastly, the reasonable pricing, large flow/head range and short delivery time have given us an edge over the competition” says Alan Bullock, Pumptec South Africa.

“There are a number of manufacturers of these units in South Africa, but the reliability of the Modular S pumps has resulted in their being the most popular choice for all the local manufacturers.”.


More than just a standard pump!
The Modular S pumps themselves are standard. However, two small changes have been made:

  • Mechanical seal is upgraded to carbon/tungsten carbide with Viton elastomer
  • The flaps are removed from the pumps when there is a flooded suction.

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