Southeast Pump Specialists - Distributor Success

Southeast Pump Specialists have been a loyal distributor to DESMI for many years now. Based out of Augusta, Georgia, SPS covers a large portion of the southeast region of the United States, successfully operating since opening their doors in 2004.

Southeast Pump Specialists have effectively met every challenge they have encountered with hard work, dedication, and consideration. When a customer was sold an inferior pump, costing them thousands of dollars in repairs alone, Southeast Pump Specialists made the right decision in replacing said pump with proven technology, the DESMI ROTAN® HD51 pump.


Southeast Pump Specialist’s customer was sold a pump by a competitor, thinking they were receiving the best of the best. However, they quickly ran into substantial issues with the product and had to call on Southeast Pump Specialists to fix the problem. Within four and half years of pump service, there were 26 reported repair cases, totalling over $60,300 of repair costs.

Southeast Pump Specialists replaced the faulty pump with DESMI’s superior ROTAN® Model, the HD51, and since installation, the company has saved more than $29,000 to date. In addition to the savings, the pump paid for itself within the first five months of use and has not had one repair incident in over two and half years.