At DESMI, our knowledge is no secret. We want to share our many years of experience, we want to pass on knowledge about how to handle various media and benefit from using the right equipment. It is no surprise that after more than +185 years of business, we possess wide knowledge of pumps, pumping and oil spill response solutions.


DESMI DeServe optimizes asset performance throughout equipment lifetime

DESMI’s global service department adds value for global and local customers through optimal equipment performance and 24-hour accessibility anywhere in the world.


Pump surveillance at a distance: DESMI offers IoT platform for aquaculture pumps

With online surveillance of live data from measurements of temperature, pressure, and vibration, DESMI will ensure that fishpond pumps are running stable around the clock.

Training on all levels

Digital offline tools offer e-learning

Marine engineers and crew members can now train and learn about DESMI Ocean Guard’s CompactClean ballast water management system with two digital offline tools. One is a computer-based training (CBT) program and the other is a mobile app.

Now with extreme accuracy

DESMI upgrades to future-proofed pump testing capability

When developing pumps, testing finished products for compliance with guaranteed values, or working with refurbished units, it is essential to run reliable, quality testing at a qualified pump testing facility.

Global-scale problems

Removing Marine and Aquatic Debris for Good

Marine and aquatic debris is one of the most widespread solvable pollution problems, plaguing oceans, rivers and lakes around the globe. DESMI is applying its expert knowledge and lengthy track record in oil spill recovery to tackle the issue.

Vital capability

DESMI helicopter fuelling steps up the pace

Pumping solutions specialist DESMI demonstrates what being the market leader in maritime helicopter fuelling systems really means.

Reliability rules

Higher-Quality Pumps Work Best For Bulk Liquid Terminals

When you’re running a dockside petroleum liquid products, chemicals and LPG/LNG or multiple bulk liquids terminal, your reliability as a supplier – and the ability to win repeat business – is heavily reliant on the quality of the fluid-handling equipment and pumping systems on hand.

A growing industry

High-Quality Pumps Help Fish Farms Handle Growth

Pumping systems manufacturer DESMI offers advice to farmed-fish processing plants looking to invest in high-reliability, scaleable pumps to meet production pressures.

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