February 2023

ROTAN® ED pumps ensure uninterrupted isocyanate handling in PU production

Thanks to their magnetic couplings, DESMI ROTAN® ED pumps do not seize up when handling isocyanate, helping your PU production run safely, effectively, and economically.

With a DESMI ROTAN® ED internal gear pump, you can avoid these issues and keep your polyurethane (PU) production running safely, effectively, and economically. The most important reason is that the pump is magnetically coupled, and the pump chamber completely sealed. This makes the pump completely tight, preventing air moisture from reacting with the isocyanate, and preventing isocyanate leakage.

Any pump with a non-magnetic shaft coupling and mechanical seals is prone to deterioration because the isocyanate will react with even minuscule amounts of air moisture that enter via the shaft seals. Over time, this leads to pump degradation and failure, and you will need to spend time and money on maintenance, repair, or replacement – and on preventing or treating occupational injuries that result from leaked chemicals. Quite simply, the only solution that is reliable and safe in the long term is a magnetically coupled pump such as the DESMI ROTAN® ED.





Ideal for your PU production process

The magnetic coupling is the key reason why the ED is ideal for isocyanate applications, and the pump offers several other features that make it ideal for all stages of your PU production process:


  • COMPACT AND FLEXIBLE: ED pumps can be used as transfer pumps during production, and their compact construction makes them a good choice when installation space is limited – for example on chemical tankers and tanker trucks. The ability to reverse pumping direction with no efficiency or capacity loss means that you can pump liquids both ways with no adjustment, making the ED ideal for transportation applications. It is available with optional ATEX certification, making it suitable for use in environments with flammable or explosive vapours from gasoline or similar, for example on ships or trucks.
  • RELIABLE AND LOW-MAINTENANCE: Because the ED range has no mechanical shaft seal, it has very few serviceable parts, is highly reliable, and requires little maintenance. This reduces the risk of breakdowns, and the need for ongoing service and maintenance, greatly reducing the risk of delays and disruptions in your production – and eliminating the need for an expensive and extensive in-house stock of spare parts. Its energy consumption is low, making it ideal for applications where energy costs need to be reduced.
  • CUSTOMISED TO YOUR APPLICATION: With a DESMI ED pump, you never get an off-the-shelf standard solution. All pumps are custom-made to your specifications and application. The DESMI sales team will work with you to fully understand your requirements and configure and build an ED pump solution that fulfils them so you do not need to spend time and resources customising the pump yourself.


Full range for all chemical applications

While the ROTAN® ED pump range is ideal for isocyanate, DESMI manufactures other internal gear pumps that are suitable for other chemical applications. Our ROTAN® ED, HD, and CD pumps, for example, are well suited for high-viscosity chemicals such as polyols, and we offer pumps that handle amins, resins, bitumen, or other dangerous or difficult materials. Our extensive consultation and after-sales services ensure that you get a solution that works for you, for years.


Backed by decades of experience

The ROTAN® ED pump was developed by DESMI in cooperation with raw material manufacturers to ensure that it complies with requirements in industrial chemical production. The first ED unit was installed and commissioned in Denmark in 1994. Three decades on, it is still running, and you can use the experience and expertise that went into designing that pump in your application, too, keeping your PU production running safely, effectively, and economically.


In addition to Isocyanate, DESMI ROTAN pumps are also widely used for Polyol, Flame Retardant and Octoate in PU foam production.