Worldwide Service

DESMI supports pump systems installed at everything from district heating plants to battleships. Differing types of service are available for differing client needs and the deep know-how of the field engineers allows them to maintain competitor brands, too.

DESMI provides local, national, and global service, maintenance and repair of all pump types and brands. We offer:


  • Regular or condition-based service
  • Preventive maintenance and energy optimization
  • Monitoring of pump stations and pumping systems
  • Repair of all pump types and brands
  • Stocking of replacement pumps and pump parts
  • Commissioning

Reach the DESMI Service Hotline:

+45 96 32 81 10

If you have any questions or problems with your pumps and pumping solutions. Our team of service engineers and technicians are ready to help you.


Monitoring of your system with data acquisition

Become more efficient, reduce costs and meet your energy optimization goals with our comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions. DESMI’s energy-optimised, customised solutions for pump applications allow for outstanding operational performance in your industry.


Customized solutions for smartphone or tablet

- Real-time data overview
- Quick overview
- Report generator
- Alarm handling


Service that pays its way

DESMI provides local, national, and global service, maintenance and repair of all pump types and brands


We offer regular service and repair of:

  • Submerged and dry-mounted drainage and waste water pumps and systems
  • Diesel and electrically driven sprinkler systems
  • District heating and cooling pumps
  • Pumps for leisure industry
  • Industrial pumps
  • Booster pumps and systems
  • Electric motors - both AC & DC
  • Gearboxes and mixers

We offer national service agreements to our key customers. Our long experience in service, maintenance and repair of practically all pump types enables us to solve most service tasks. Our customers and their requirements cover a wide field - privately owned companies, housing associations and facility service for industry and public utilities.


(Spacer with heavy bearing bracket) - overhaul video


Overhaul - NSL Centrifugal Pump. For this overhaul the service engineer will use DESMI spare parts kit with genuine spare parts.

Global Contacts

DESMI is a global company

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