Doosan Heavy Industry - District Cooling, Korea

“The improvement of System 6 of Doosan Heavy Industry Co”.

Korea – Cooling Application for Doosan
Heavy Industry Factory

Doosan is one of Korea’s foremost EPC contractors for plant projects inside and outside Korea, they fabricate cast and compress metal materials needed by industries. Their business system creates consistency across all of Doosan’s businesses, maximizing the efficiency and driving the performance-based culture. That is exactly why DESMI was asked to conduct a survey based on supply of nine DESMI NSL centrifugal pumps.

The installation of the NSL pumps from DESMI in place of previously installed pumps of another brand brought Doosan Heavy Industry the following benefits:


  • A significant 35% annual energy saving in electricity costs, due to DESMI pumps being more efficient.
  • A flow increase of 18%, due to the higher flow capacity of DESMI pumps.
  • A 50% space saving, due to DESMI pumps being more compact.
  • A noise reduction of approx. 15% by using the DESMI pumps.

The survey concluded that the new DESMI pumps had a far better energy efficiency, involved less maintenance costs, saved important floor space and were easier to install. Now a total of 30 DESMI pumps are running in this factory.