DES Helicopter Refueling Systems

Ship-based Helicopter refueling system for navies and coastguards in a modular design in compliance with naval classification standards and NATO STANAGS.

DESMI is the preferred supplier of systems for on-board helicopter refueling and considered among the best in the world for HIFR - Helicopter in flight refuelling systems.

Safe Fuel operation on board your naval ship:

• Maximum operation time
• Easy access for maintenance & trouble shooting
• Max uptime
• Easy handling before first flight of day

Standard or Customised On-deck or Helicopter In-Flight Refueling

A size that fits your ship

No mattter which size you choose, we make sure it fits your ship and your operation.

We deliver with one or two filter water separators and each system is made in a modular design with buttom plate to save weight and increase strenght and prepared for HIFR and for the newest filter barrier technology.

Pump & Filtration Skid available in 3 sizes

Dispenser skid in 3 sizes

Technical Data - Pump & Filtration Skid

 Model  L x W x H  Capacity   HIFR  Weight
 DES-150  2006 x 1190 x 1736 mm  150 - 230 l/min  Yes  1085 kg
 DES-250  1956 x 1905 x 2092 mm  150 - 230 l/min  Yes  2157 kg
 DES-165  2300 x 1905 x 2042 mm  250 - 380 l/min  Yes  1215 kg
 DES-265  2300 x 1905 x 2042 mm  250 - 380 l/min  Yes  2455 kg
 DES-180  2490 x 1785 x 2050 mm  380 - 680 l/min  Yes  2550 kg
 DES-280  2490 x 1785 x 2050 mm  380 - 680 l/min  Yes  2421 kg

Technical Data - Dispenser Skid

 Model  L x W x H  Capacity   HIFR  Weight
 DES-340  1500 x 1400 x 1788 mm  150 - 230 l/min  Yes  900 kg
 DES-350  1600 x 1500 x 1788 mm  250 - 380 l/min  Yes  990 kg
 DES-365  1750 x 1700 x 1946 mm  380 - 680 l/min  Yes  1130 kg



Learn more in the DES Helicopter Refueling System Video Below

On-Board Helicopter Refueling

In DESMI we never compromise with quality and security, and our refueling system is no exception.

This is a system you as operator can trust and rely on.


With many years of experience within the marine and navy industry, we ensure you get a system that will run for years and give you a stable fuel supply.


Our solutions are based on proven technology and can be offered both in a standard configuration, but also as a customised design to fit your specific requirements and your ship.

For each system counts that you have maximum operation time and easy access to maintenance.


With the easy user interface your operators can refuel, flush, defuel, etc. in just a few clicks.


The system is designed for navy standard (not for civil use) and according to military specifications.


The DES Helicopter Refueling system has easy and secure heli flight deck operation optimized for helicopter in-flight operations (HIFR).


Easier and affordable on-board helicopter refueling at naval standards

Navies and coast guards of the world now have the possibility to get a ship-based helicopter fueling system with several advantages that not only make it better, but cheaper, too.

All the Approvals Needed - Naval Standards

Approved According to all Class Societies incl. DNV-GL, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, etc.

The DES Helicopter Refueling System complies with naval classification standards - including NATO STANAG.

The system is designed to cope with “outside events”, meaning it is shock compatible to operate before, during, and after a shock event. Other class society approvals and ATEX ZONE II are available upon request.

Lloyds' Register




DES Helicopter Refueling System Brochure

Flyers - Pump & Filtration Skids

DES 150 P&F – DES 180 P&F

  • English

DES 250 P&F – DES 280 P&F

  • English

DES 250-280P & 150-180F

  • English

Flyers - Dispenser skids

DES 340 – 365 BASIC

  • English

DES 340 – 365 FWB - HIFR

  • English

DES 340 – 365 FWB

  • English

DES 340 – 365 HIFR

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