S. Dyrup & Co. A leading paint manufacturer

The ED model was chosen due to it’s magnetic coupling.

S. Dyrup & Co. - One of Europe’s leading paint manufacturers, has selected magnetically coupled ROTAN pumps.

S. Dyrup & Co.’s factory manager, Steen Hoff, states “ROTAN® pumps have for decades been used in numerous of our plants. The ED model was chosen due to it’s magnetic coupling. A magnetically coupled design, which has no rotating seals, ensures less downtime and lower operating costs. Every pump in our new facility is magnetically coup-led, and thus we have eliminated the problems associated with packed glands and mechanical seals”


Technical information:
Application: Production of wood preservatives and solvent based paint
No. of pumps: 81
Flow: 2-220 l/min
Viscosity: 1-5000 cSt
Solution ROTAN® ED




ROTAN ED series:
Materials: Cast iron, steel or stainless steel
Capacity: Max. 90 m3/h
Differential pressure: Max. 16 bar
Suction lift: Max. 0.5 bar suction vacuum.
Max. 0.8 bar vacuum during operation.
Viscosity: Max. 10000 cSt
Temperature: Max. 250 °C

The pumping principle was given close consideration during the initial projecting phase. An important requirement was the environmental safety, i.e. to eliminate the risk of emissions of harmful solvent vapours. The choice of internally geared pumps ensured flows with low pulsations, which is beneficial for processes that are controlled by flowmeters. The consumption of energy was another parameter, and also in this respect ROTAN® proved to be sovereign. The collaboration between S. Dyrup & Co. and ROTAN® originated in the 1930’s, when product specialists developed the specifications for the first pumps.

The facility comprises a multitude of features. For example, the pumps are configured with various types of bearings, dependant on the corrosive and abrasive characteristics of each product. Specifically within the paint industry, Rotan has through the years developed extensive expertise.


The continuity of development, as well as close interaction with our customers, result in optimized designs that are tailored to the demands of the production process.

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