Great Satisfaction with Installation of New Pump

Lumby pumping station is situated in Funen, close to Odense Fiord, and is owned by a pump guild named Landsvindingslauget Lumby Strand. The pumping station was built in the 1940’ies and is connected to 500 hectares of land. 18 months ago one of the pumps was to be replaced after 70 years, and the choice fell on a dewatering pump from DESMI.

When the pump guild had to decide on the pump that should replace the 70 year old dewatering pump in 2016, the choice fell on a DESMI pump based on these parameters:

- DESMI dewatering pump could manage up to 1,200 l/sec
- DESMI’s service team could complete the rebuilding and installation of a new pump on time
- By installing a frequency converter, DESMI could ensure savings on energy consumption
- Pump operation could be remotely monitored
- DESMI had the right price

Fritz Hansen, chairman of the guild, says, ”We are very pleased with our choice of DESMI and the rebuilding / installation of a new pump. DESMI handled the task very professionally, and we have got a pump that performs well. At the same time we have got a frequency converter and remote control, so that I can now monitor and control the pump from home”.


500 hectares of land are connected to the pumping station. On this area several canals have been cut and convey rain water down to the pumping station and out into Odense Fiord. In connection with the rebuilding and installation also an overflow alarm was installed.

The rebuilding and installation of the pumping station required more than “plug and play” from DESMI’s service engineers who also handled:


  • Mounting of suction plates for inlet
  • Draining of inlet sump in connection with installation
  • Mounting of stone trap to prevent stones from entering the propeller of the pump
  • Casting of base for the pump
  • Mounting of pressure transmitter pipe in the pump sump
  • Providing pump cable mount
  • Wiring to electrical cabinet
  • Mounting and connecting frequency converter
  • Mounting and connecting overflow alarm
  • Instruction in use and running of pump and frequency converter