Tianwan 3&4 Phase Nuclear Power Project

Developed by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Mainland China has many Nuclear Power Reactors in operation, many more are under construction, and more about to start construction. In China Nuclear Power has an important role, especially in the coastal areas remote from the coalfields and where the economy is developing rapidly.


The biggest Nuclear Power Plant in China is the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station in Lianyungang city in Jiangsu province. The project has been developed by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).


CNNC is the main body of the Chinese nuclear technology industry, the core of the national strategic nuclear deterrence and the main force of the national nuclear power development and nuclear power construction, and shoulders the duel historical responsibilities for building of national defense force, increasing the value of state assets and developing the society.

CNNC Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation awarded the Phase 3 & 4 contract ( 2 x MW 1060) to Alstom Thermal Power Nuclear and Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Engine Industry Co - to supply emergency diesel generators (EDGs).


They in turn have awarded DESMI with a contract for 44 pumps for different applications at this plant: 28 sets of our ROTAN® Gear (model PD81 /PD41), positive displacement pumps are used to transfer the fuel oil and the lubrication oil to the diesel engine generator.


ROTAN® models CD41EFM are used as discharging sump pumps, PD41 as lube oil charging pumps & fuel oil booster pumpe & fuel oil transfer pump, PD81 as prelubrification oil pumps.


The 14 sets of centrifugal pumps (EHL40-180 / EHL25-180) are used for the high temperature water pre-heating and water treatment purpose as well as discharging sump pumps.

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