Sound Refining, Inc. of Tacoma, Washington

We love the simplicity of these ROTAN®’s.

Sound Refining Inc. of Tacoma, Washington provides bulk liquid storage and supplies fuels, lubricants, and other products and services to industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Plant Superintendent, Tom Beck is responsible for maintaining incoming and outgoing product schedules. Tom tells us, “When unloading railcars, time is the factor that most influences cost. Having a heated railcar sitting and cooling while repairs are being made is not cost effective”.

Within Sound Refining, the larger, bulk handling DESMI / ROTAN® pumps are proven among a list of products that range from Asphalt to Ethanol and everything in between. ROTAN®’s 8” ported model HD201 delivers flows in excess of 600 gpm and includes a 100 HP speed reduction drive.

Careful pump selections were made where viscous products are delivered from railcars to a distant storage facility. A detailed review of both suction and discharge system hydraulics is made before any ROTAN® pump is selected.   In all cases within Sound Refining, including the most recent expansion, ROTAN® pumps were successfully commissioned and perform flawlessly.


One ROTAN® pump went through the ultimate test last summer following more than a year of constant use. While unloading an asphalt rail car, somehow a 9/16” deep well socket found its way into the pump internals. The only damage sustained included a rubber insert within the motor to gearbox coupling.

In short order the smashed socket was removed, some burrs were filed smooth, and the coupling insert was replaced. Tom Beck tells us “We love the simplicity of these ROTAN®’s, I will check with the DESMI / ROTAN team for all future expansion needs”


ROTAN® asphalt and fuel pumps are increasingly the pump of choice within the ROAD Construction Industry where changing needs have been addressed. Special asphalt seals, electric heat options and double acting relief valves are common considerations. Spare “Uptime Time Cartridges” minimize production downtime along with off the shelf delivery of asphalt pumps suited to the widest range of modified materials and in the case of Sound Refining, high volume flows.