ROTAN® Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps - ROTAN®

Geared to individual solutions

The ROTAN® internal gear pump provides favourable flow conditions, as the direction of the liquid flow is only changed slightly through the pump.

The internal gear pump principle was developed in 1915 by a Danish American. In 1921, he licensed a Danish company to manufacture the pumps, which have been continuously marketed worldwide under the ROTAN® name.


Liquid inlet

Passage of liquid

Liquid outlet


The unique, modular concept of ROTAN® pumps is generally recognized as the most advanced internal gear pump design available today.


This means that superior self-priming capability and gentle liquid handling are achieved, and also that highly viscous liquids can be pumped.

Superior self-priming capability and gentle liquid handling

ROTAN® pump advantages:

- Pumping in either direction
- Easy maintenance
- Sturdy and uncomplicated construction
- Great choice of configurations
- Genuine back pull-out design
- End clearance axial adjustment

Saving both time and money...

Service on pumps without braking any pipe connections

True back-pull-out feature allow inspection/repair of the rotating cartridge without disturbing the piping or coupling alignment

- Reduced downtime costs
- Reduced labor costs
- Spares optimization

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