Ensuring the Power of Tomorrow with European Energy

European Energy is constructing the largest E-methanol plant in the world. With an array of DESMI Centrifugal pumps, they are able to provide ships around the world with about 32,000 tons of E-methanol every year, while also forwarding the excess heat for over 3,300 local households. All with renewable energy!


At the heart of European Energy's Power-to-X plant in Kassoe, Denmark, are eleven Balance-of-Plant pumps. By leveraging power from the region's largest solar park to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, these pumps have been specifically engineered to maintain the correct temperature for the electrolysis needed in the processing. The effort not only optimizes performance, but also safeguards the longevity and efficiency of the entire plant.


As CO2 is added to hydrogen, the plant produces E-methanol, which is a versatile fuel that holds promise for a myriad of applications, from powering methanol-fueled ships to supporting production processes for industry giants.

DESMI's involvement in the project extends beyond pump installation; we have been there through the project's journey, from the design of the pilot plant to the commercialized facility. During the design phase, we collaborated closely with the engineering company, engaging in extensive dialogue to optimize the cooling system.


"DESMI has been a trusted partner through the building of the plant in Kassoe” says the Maintenance Lead at European Energy, Ricki Refstrup. “We are satisfied with their work. The pumps were chosen based on their balance of cost-effectiveness and quality. They lived up to the expectations."


The integration of DESMI's pumping solutions ensures seamless fluid handling throughout the Power-to-X conversion process. From precise temperature control to efficient energy conversion, the pumps enable European Energy to achieve optimal performance in their flow processes.







Balance-of-Plant Pump at Power-to-X plant

NSL pumps placed at the electrolysis process


NSL pumps for Power-to-X plant

A closer look at DP Multi-Stage pumps used as Balance-of-Plant Pumps

Balance-of-Plant Pumps at the Kassø Power-to-X Plant

An array of DSL(double suction pumps for high flow medium head) Pumps for temperature-regulation of the Plant

Map over Power-to-X plant in Kassø

Map over the Power-to-X Plant located in Kassoe






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