Pumps for District Heating

District Heating is an energy distribution network

- that transports heated water generated in a centralised utility through piping to residential homes and commercial buildings primarily in urban areas.

District Heating is clean, efficient and cost-effective due to its flexibility, scale of production and optimal heat generation conditions.


DESMI provides energy efficient pump solutions both for applications in the heat production plants as well as for the transmission and distribution network.

The DESMI pump solutions are recognized as being highly energy efficient with low NSPH values. The pumps have a long life cycle and are very maintenance friendly.

Future-Proof Solutions for the District Heating Operations

Energy-Efficient Pumping Stations

- Complete pump solutions for the district heating area
- Installation as easy as ”Plug & Play”
- Energy efficient solutions


District Energy Brochure

Energy Efficient Pumps and Pump Solutions for District Energy

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