Pumps for dark, milk or white chocolate

DESMI has well over 50 years of experience in the production of pumps for the chocolate industry in close collaboration with some of the leading producers of plants.

Today you will find DESMI ROTAN® pumps in chocolate factories and confectionaries all over the world. The special T2 tolerance and the unique chocolate seal of the ROTAN® CHD Chocolate pump will change your chocolate operation forever.


From cocoa mass and cocoa butter process, liquid chocolate, and to the finished chocolate product, DESMI has the right answer.


We offer stationary chocolate pumps suitable for feeding tempering machines, coaters, enrobers and supply tanks, feeding ring conduits and for filling and emptying bulk tankers and conches.


We place great emphasis on a design which is reliable, well tested at all known chocolate producer and easy to maintain.


  • Proven all over the world
  • Industry specific sealing arrangement
  • Standard Tolerances for Chocolate (T2)
  • Back Pullout Design
  • Foot Mounted Casing/Inline Flanges
  • Hydrodynamic Idler Balance (Full Lubrication)
  • Bearing Arrangement
  • EC1935/2004 Compliant Material

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