Fuel Transfer System

Our extensive pump range in either stainless steel or cast iron material is the preferred solution for land based fuel handling applications.


Pumps for example for air field installations can be temporary installed with a diesel driven self-priming standalone unit, or a more permanent installation with an electrical driven vertical execution for high efficiency.


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The vertical inline stainless steel pumps are highly suitable for fuel handling, and is the ideal solution for fixed installation in application, where factors as:


  • high reliability
  • low maintenance cost,
  • high efficiency


are key to customer success. These pumps has a proven record from UK based military airfields and was found to be the ideal replacement for old outdated pumps, and the full integration including adjustment flanges to fit the original build-in-length of the existing pump was produced, prepared and delivered by DESMI.

The diesel driven self-priming pump has been used by armed forces both in extreme heat as well as for artic conditions. Any fuel application can be supported. For instance our pumps has been used for many years both for Aviation fuel and for Diesel with huge customers satisfaction. The diesel driven pump units are suitable for operating in ATEX classified environments, and both the diesel engine and the pump itself are prepared for these applications.

For more information and inquiries please contact DESMI Defence and Fuel.

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