November 2014

2014 Mozambique Oil Spill Conference

DESMI Africa participated in the 2014 Mozambique Oil Spill Conference which captured a series of presentations with participants talking about the value, importance and implementation of the National Oil Spill Contingency plan, where various stakeholders within the industry can join in order to combat and deal with any oil spill incident, the spill response community that it supports, and any further issues dealing with upstream and downstream oil activities.

The Oil Spill Conference provided a vital forum for professionals from the international response community, private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations to come together to discuss ways to tackle the greatest challenges facing Mozambique with regards to pollution prevention, preparedness and response.

The conference was an ideal opportunity for DESMI to establish its presence within the region and industry, and pioneer stakeholders in an effort to work together toward mutual objectives, through the exchange of ideas and lessons learned from actual spill responses and research around the world.
The Seminar was held in Maputo at Hotel Pestana Rovuma November 27, 2014 and a workshop was aimed at capacity building, and its main objectives included:
• Capacity building of the institutions involved in this area in the field of human resources;
• Identification of gaps in the implementation of the conventions and the relevant legislation
• Improve the operational capacity of institutions in the event of incidents of hydrocarbons.