February 2024

DESMI Sets a New Standard in Aquaculture with DNV-Validated UV Treatment Systems

In a pioneering achievement, DESMI has secured third-party validation for the effectiveness of its aquaculture UV treatment systems from DNV, a global leader in quality assurance and risk management. This marks a significant advancement in the aquaculture industry, ensuring greater transparency and trust in UV treatment technologies.


On February 16th, 2024, DESMI achieved a milestone by receiving DNV validation for the UV doses applied by its UV treatment systems, specifically designed for aquaculture applications. This development is particularly notable as it moves beyond the traditional certification provided by the Norwegian Veterinarian Institute (NVI), which verifies UV doses of at least 25 mJ/cm2. With many aquaculture operations requiring higher UV doses, typically ranging from 70 to 200 mJ/cm2, DESMI's validation from DNV provides a much-needed layer of credibility and assurance.


Historically, the aquaculture sector has grappled with a lack of clarity and consistency regarding the actual UV doses delivered by different systems. The NVI’s certification, focused on lower UV doses, left a gap in validating higher, more effective UV doses. This inconsistency often led to confusion among aquaculture farm owners and operators when choosing UV treatment equipment, as they encountered varying power consumption claims from different manufacturers for the same purported UV dose.

DESMI's breakthrough with DNV validation addresses this critical issue head-on. For the first time, an independent and respected third party, DNV, has confirmed the accuracy of DESMI’s UV dose claims. This validation is grounded in a thorough examination of DESMI’s sophisticated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, further supported by comprehensive biodosimetry tests using living organisms.


The scope of this validation is comprehensive, encompassing all of DESMI’s aquaculture UV treatment systems under the product lines AquaShield and Aquadose. It includes various water qualities, from turbid to clear, and accommodates a broad range of flow rates.


This ground-breaking validation by DNV not only enhances trust in DESMI’s products but also sets a new benchmark for transparency and reliability in aquaculture UV treatment solutions globally.


Evaluation of AquaShield and AquaDose Dose Equations developed by DESMI Ocean Guard


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