DESMI (SVRSS) Single Vessel Ro-Kite Skimmer System XL (25m opening)

This video shows a training session of a AHT vessel crew for deployment and recovery of the 100 m3/h SVRSS (Single Vessel Ro-Kite Skimming System). The system is self-contained and all system components are fitted into a single 20 ft container placed on the deck of the AHT


Length : 6058 mm
Width. : 2438 mm
Height. : 2591 mm
Weight with content : 10,250 Kg


The DESMI Speed Sweep 1500 and Ro-Kite system is a high speed sweeping system intended to be used by one ship only. This system allows the surface water and oil to be slowed by as much as 70%, which allows the oil to concentrate in the apex ready for collection at 3 knot sweep speed (fully tested at OHMSETT in USA). The oil is recovered with an oil skimmer (in-line Ro-Skim alternatively in-line Octopus ) integrated in the boom system apex.


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