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Marine & Offshore

High-efficiency and Reliable Marine Pump Solutions


    Vertical In-line NSL Centrifugal Pump
    DN 65 to 400, Up to 3800 m3/h

  • Modular SModular S

    Self-priming Centrifugal Pump
    DN 32 to 125, Up to 650 m³/h

  • CompactCleanCompactClean

    Compact Ballast Water Management System

  • RayCleanRayClean

    DESMI Ocean Guard's RayClean  - Ballast Water Treatment System

  • Cargo PumpsCargo Pumps

    Deepwell Cargo Pumps for LPG, LEG, Chemical and CO2 Tankers


    Submerged lubrication oil pump


    The in-line DSL double suction centrifugal pump
    DN 300 to 500, Up to 5400 m3/h


    High-efficiency In-line centrifugal pumps
    DN 25 to 100, Up to 200 m3/h


    End suction centrifugal pump with horizontal inlet
    DN 25-100, Up to 200 m³/h

  • FineFog - Fire-Fighting systemFineFog - Fire-Fighting system

    Fixed Water Based Fire-Fighting System for Local Application

  • Mobile Fire & Emergency PumpsMobile Fire & Emergency Pumps

    Mobile and stationary diesel-driven bilge pump units

  • Modular HModular H

    The DESMI Modular H centrifugal pump series


    Close coupled self-priming NSA centrifugal pump

  • NSL Monobloc with bearingNSL Monobloc with bearing

    The centrifugal pump for major capacities and heavy loads
    DN 65 to 400, Up to 3800 m3/h

  • NSL Monobloc without bearingNSL Monobloc without bearing

    The centrifugal pump is for small capacities and limited space
    DN 65 to 400, Up to 3800 m3/h

  • NSL SpacerNSL Spacer

    The pump is for high capacities, heavy loads, and high pump speed
    DN 65 to 400, Up to 3800 m3/h

  • AutomationAutomation

    Automation solutions for all segments.

  • NSL Stainless Steel (Scrubber)NSL Stainless Steel (Scrubber)

    Vertical In-line Centrifugal Pump in stainless steel
    DN 65 to 400, Up to 3800 m3/h


    End suction centrifugal pump with horizontal inlet
    DN 80 to 400, Up to 3800 m³/h


    End suction centrifugal pump with vertical inlet
    DN 80 to 400, Up to 3800 m³/h

  • OptiCleanOptiClean

    OptiCleanTM - Net Energy Saving System

  • OptiPowerOptiPower

    Power Quality System

  • SASA

    The DESMI SA self-priming centrifugal pump
    DN 20 to 200, Up to 400 m³/h


    The HD pump are specifically designed for difficult applications

  • Spare Parts KitsSpare Parts Kits

    Spare Parts Kits for trouble-free, easy, and simple maintenance

  • OptiSave™OptiSave™

    Intelligent control of your cooling water system


    Simple and compact construction for non-abrasive liquids


    A new generation of dirty water vacuum pumps

  • DESMI Priming EjectorDESMI Priming Ejector

    The DESMI priming ejector is designed for mounting on non-selfpriming centrifugal pumps

  • DESMI priming pump B114NDESMI priming pump B114N

    The DESMI B114 priming pump is driven by its own electric motor

  • DESMI Vertical Pumps DPDESMI Vertical Pumps DP

    Vertical Mulitstage Centrifugal Pumps

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The 39th edition of Kormarine is taking place 24-27 of October in Busan, Korea.
Visit DESMI as we exhibit our marine pumping solutions

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The international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding is taking place
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The CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition focuses on improving oil and hazardous materials spill prevention, preparedness and response for inland, offshore and coastal incidents.. 
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The largest maritime event in the Asia Pacific is taking place from the 5-8th of December in China.

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TPS is a vital industry event, offering a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide.
In 2017 it is taking place the 12-14 December in Houston, Texas

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