Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient pumps and pumps solutions for District Energy.

Proven Pump Technology

Proven pump technology from Denmark, the country with most know-how in District Hearing and Combined Heat & Power Plants.

An Innovative Pump Partner

DESMI is a part of 4th Generation District Heating which is about maximum energy efficiency utilizing water down to 55o C for heating.

Production Flexibility

DESMI is a medium sized manufacturer with a high level of production flexibility and full focus on customer solutions.

Flexible Pump Solutions

DESMI pump solutions concerns the medium, larger pump applications where know-how and flexibility to individual project requirements are essential.

Global Company

DESMI is a global company. We are close to our clients/partners for maximum understanding and good after-sales-service.


Energy Efficient Pumps and Pump Solutions

DESMI have focus on energy efficient solutions and have a very competitive product portfolio for such. We are an active partner of the 4th Generation District Heating Research, which is about creating optimum energy efficient systems within District Heating (utilizing supply temperatures down to 55 degr. C).

The business areas covered within the utility segment include energy efficient pumps and pump solutions for:


Long Experience – Tried & Tested, Global Solutions:

DESMI have produced pumps for more than 140 years and therefore offer “Proven Technology”. We have produced pumps for District Heating for approx. 90 years. Probably longer than anyone else in the business. Proven pump technology from Denmark, the country with most know-how in District Heating  and Combined Heat & Power Plants.



Flexibility - Customer Made Solutions:

DESMI have an almost complete range of centrifugal pumps for applications up to PN25 and 140 degr. C.

DESMI’s pump solutions concerns the medium, larger pump applications – where know how and flexibility to individual project requirements is essential.

The fundamental idea of District Heating is to use energy that is already available and that otherwise would be wasted and cause pollution.

District Heating is an energy distribution network that transports heated water generated in a centralized utility through piping to residential homes and commercial buildings primarily in urban areas.

District Heating is clean, efficient and cost-effective due to its flexibility, scale of production and optimal heat generation conditions.

Recent Headlines

DESMI hit by Cyber attack

DESMI IT systems and operations attacked by cyber crime
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Annual Report 2019 - DESMI A/S

In DESMI the result of 2019 is considered very satisfactory. The annual report shows a turnover of DKK 1.556 million, an EBITDA of DKK 335 million and a profit before tax amounting DKK 298 million.
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A Green Christmas?

Celebrate a green christmas with DESMI. With the DESMI Christmas Calendar of 2019, we want to tell stories about our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Success Business 2019

DESMI Danmark A/S has been awarded the “Success Business 2019” prize
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We are Ramping up!

More Capacity to Fulfil our Customers’ Needs
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DESMI has committed to the UN sustainable development goals

DESMI has committed to the UN sustainable development goals and we stand together with local authorities and other manufacturers to try to make a difference.
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MORE DESMI Steps in Canada

MORE DESMI Steps in Canada. We are adding more value to our operation in Canada and are proud to announce that we have setup a local office just outside Toronto.
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DESMI’s field service – much more than just a man in a van

DESMI’s field service! Developing and supplying reliable pumps is only part of the equation for DESMI. State-of-the art field service gives customers peace of mind.
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DESMI now on Facebook!

Don’t miss out on the great stories from our DESMI family - follow us and get a closer look into our daily work, our employees, our competences, our knowledge and much more.
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New sales team in Sweden

DESMI opens a new sales office in Sweden near Gothenburg with a brand new sales team
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Annual Report 2017 – DESMI A/S

The 2017 result is in line with the budget for the year and is consequently considered satisfactory.
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DESMI will be hosting two different events at the Achema 2018 exhibition in Frankfurt. Locate us at pump hall 8.0 at stand no. F36. We welcome you all.
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Dependable DESMI pumps meet desalination demands

“Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” - a good description of the world’s water supply situation. And his words have perhaps never been more relevant than today.
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DESMI upgrades to future-proofed pump testing capability

Increased range of certified testing and the promise of customer remote viewing are key features of DESMI’s latest high-tech test bed
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DESMI Ocean Guard A/S wins Fleet-wide Contract for Supply of CompactClean

DESMI Ocean Guard A/S is proud to announce that a contract for fleet-wide supply of CompactClean has been finalized with Turkish company: MISHA Shipping.
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Release of New DSL Centrifugal Pump Video

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the release of our new product video for the DESMI in-line DSL double suction centrifugal pump.
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DESMI introduces solution to reduce costs and energy loss on electric installations

DESMI is introducing a new solution that enables shipowners and operators to avoid overheated and damaged electric installations
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DESMI Automation has its eye on energy efficiencies

DESMI aims to be the go-to source for customers and companies that hope to solve energy optimisation problems smarter and more cost-effectively via automation.
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A Goldmine of Knowledge to Share – DESMI Article Collection

Knowledge to share with colleagues, customers, business partners, and media around the world.
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DESMI Pumps More Than a Match for Power Plant Residues

Known for having the toughest pumps in the business, DESMI is looking to take on more of the power plant challenge.
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DESMI Expands Business in India

In order to strengthen our presence in India DESMI has established a new 3,000 sqm production facility in Hyderabad.
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Strong Competences in CS Electric Nord Continue at DESMI

DESMI will take over CS Electric Nord ApS, an automation company in Aalborg, on 1 January 2017.
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Danish Business Event and the launch of DESMI in Côte d'Ivoire

At the end of September DESMI and the Ambassador of Denmark to Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire hosted a "Business get together" in Abidjan.
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New Video: Pump Features Displayed in Style

We are very proud to present our new video for the DESMI Vertical (NSLV) & Horizontal (NSLH) End-suction Centrifugal Pump.
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DESMI is one of a 1000 companies to inspire Europe

London Stock Exchange Group has published a report in which DESMI has been selected as one of the most dynamic enterprises in Europe.
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DESMI Active in Removing Plastic from the Ocean

The Ocean Cleanup, based in the Netherlands, has launched a containment boom to be tested in the North Sea. The boom is designed, produced and delivered by DESMI
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DESMI Opens an Office in Sweden

As part of the endeavours to get closer to the customers, DESMI opened a new office in Gävle, north of Stockholm, Sweden, on 1 May 2016.
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Utility Seminar Denmark

End April 2016 we had the pleasure of hosting a Utility Seminar in Denmark for our distributors and partners from around the world
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Yet Another Satisfactory Annual Result for DESMI

The annual report for 2015, which was adopted at the recent annual general meeting, shows a profit in accordance with the budget.
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DESMI Featured in April Issue of Climate Control

Pumping Life into the Market – Energy Efficiency
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DESMI steps up Polish presence

DESMI has kicked off a wave of investment to expand access to the company’s pump solutions for Polish customers.
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DESMI CEO is Regional Owner-Manager of the year

November 12th DESMI CEO, Henrik Sørensen was named Owner-manager of the year in the northern region of Denmark.
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Energy-Efficient DESMI Pump Approved

Great news for DESMI and energy-concerned industries as the NSL series has been approved to accommodate EU standards.
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DESMI was represented when a Latvian delegation visited DBDH in September

Director of Global Utility Business, Jørn Urup from DESMI, held a company presentation of DESMI Pumps at a DBDH event in September.
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We are proud to present our new DESMI ROTAN® ED Video

Magnetically coupled pumps for ultimate protection against leakage
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DESMI - An active stakeholder i 4th Generation District Heating

DESMI Pumping Technology A/S is an active stakeholder in 4th Generation District Heating (4DH) – and participated in this weeks international conference in Copenhagen
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Keeping cool and cutting costs in the Middle East

DESMI is presently mentioned by World Pumps in an article about district cooling. DESMI has, in spite of being new on this particular marked in the Middle East, proven to be a valid player when it comes to district cooling.
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New video made with support from Danish Board of District Heating

DESMI has produced pumps for district heating for almost 90 years. DESMI has recently released a new video made with support from Danish Board of District Heating.
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DESMI’s new Dubai base helps re-think district cooling

Dubai is very central to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. It’s clearly a leader both in terms of innovative initiatives and in its progressive attitude towards doing business.
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We are preparing for a world without oil

Michael Hager, DESMI, offers a glimpse of another important facet of Europe’s drive towards energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.
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New District Cooling brochure

District Cooling is 40% - 60% more energy efficient than conventional systems – and reduces CO2 emissions.
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DESMI reported acceptable result for 2013

Indicating an optimistic trend coming into the New Year
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DESMI Utility Adding Value to Our Customers

46% of global energy consumption use are used for heating and cooling systems – therefore energy efficient pump solutions from DESMI are a tool in the right direction
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Royal visit at DESMI Headquarters

DESMI had the pleasure of welcoming His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mrs Ida
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DESMI is Expanding Internationally within District Energy

Energy efficiency is the key growth driver for this business sector, which is getting more
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Press Release Annual Report 2012

Download our press release in Danish
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DESMI Pursues Further Growth

While DESMI A/S, the Danish pump manufacturer, can look back on a year that in many ways is expected to
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Entrepreneur of the Year in Denmark

It is a pleasure to announce that DESMI has won the Danish part of the competition and received the very prestigious business award Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in Denmark.
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Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in the Region Northern Jutland, Denmark

We are very pleased and proud to inform you that DESMI was awarded the award Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
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Danish minister for Environment Troels Lund Poulsen

presents award to Dan Marine
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Poland, a large and exciting market right in our backyard.

Jørn Urup Nielsen Director of Global Utility Business Sales at DESMI is to speak at the DBDA members' meeting today on November 27. DBDH is the leading district heating & cooling business association in Denmark and Jørn Urup Nielsen is to present here to our Polish focus group.
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Join DESMI at Maritime Industry Gorinchem, 13-15 October 2020

The Maritime Industry exhibition is taking place May 13-15 October 2020 in Gorinchem, Netherlands at the Evenementenhal Gorincham

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Join DESMI at the Irish Skipper Expo, 12-13 March 2021

The Irish Skipper Expo is taking place September 4-5 2020 in Limerick, Ireland at the UL Sport Arena

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Join DESMi at AquaCulture UK 2020, 19-21 May 2021

Aquaculture UK is the most important aquaculture exhibition and conference held in the British Isles taking place 19-21 May 2021 in Aviemore, Scotland at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort

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