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Efficient Bronze Pumps for Nyborg Swimming Facility

Efficient Bronze Pumps for Nyborg Swimming Facility

DESMI has delivered pumps to the recreational bathing facility in Nyborg Sports and Leisure Centre for more than 10 years.

Scan Water by Allan Lassen has delivered and installed the water treatment plant that includes DESMI pumps.

All pumps are bronze pumps, which has resulted in stable operation, lower power consumption, good efficiency, and minimum maintenance.


Many Advantages of Bronze Pumps in a Swimming Facility

DESMI has so far delivered the following pumps to Nyborg Swimming Facility:

  • Main circulation pumps
  • Circulation pumps
  • Flushing water pumps
  • Transport pumps
  • Sewage pumps

All pumps are in bronze and after 10 years they are still running round the clock and in good condition.

“Many years ago, we had pumps that were not in bronze, and at some point we experienced that the old pump for our water slide and water activities circulated rusty water. Therefore, we replaced the first pumps with DESMI bronze pumps 15 years ago,  and since then we have seen no rusty water.
At the same time, we experienced that the bronze pumps had a significantly lower power consumption, so we decided to replace all pumps by bronze pumps”, says Bjarne Vibæk.

Most pumps are running round the clock, corresponding to 8,760 hours a year, and the power consumption has been reduced by 25-30%. Compared to an old cast irion pump at  240 m3 and 6 mWC this results in an annual saving of:
1.6 kW for 8,760 hours a year = 14,016 kW
14,016 kW x DKK 2.07 saving = DKK 29,013.00.

Bjarne Vibæk, Works Manager at Nyborg Swimming Facility, next to a couple of DESMI pumps

At the same time, bronze pumps continue to have a good efficiency as contrary to a number of other materials, bronze pumps are not corroded by the chlorine water.

Bjarne Vibæk has alway been very satisfied with the DESMI pumps and says; “DESMI pumps have a high efficiency and are really good pumps. They do not produce noise, and the number of revolutions does not have to be high to ensure good circulation in the pool. The pumps are maintenance-free and must only be serviced and checked to a very limited extent, which is fantastic compared to the many hours they are operating”.




When inspected by DESMI in May 2017, the NSL bronze centrifugal pump (150-330, 11kW, 6-pole) from 2006 still appears practically new on the inside.

The inspection showed no sign of wear or corrosion, and the shaft seal was still intact after 11 years.


The centre contains:

  • Two pools, 25 metres each
  • Recreational bathing facility
  • Springboards, 1 and 3 metres
  • Special children’s pool with warmer water
  • Sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • Water slide, 34 metres
  • Special disabled persons’ pool with warmer water




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