Proven Pumps for the Asphalt Roofing Industry

DESMI ROTAN® delivers the most advanced internal gear design available today, and is dedicated to continued improvement of our already proven pump design.

From our oversized ports for higher viscosity products, to our true back-pull-out modular design, ROTAN® pumps deliver quality while reducing down time.

Simplified Asphalt Roofing Process

Pumps used for:

  • Unload flux from railcars to tank farm
  • Transfer flux from tank farm to pre-heater
  • Transfer flux from preheater to blowing stills
  • Transfer blown (oxidized) asphalt to storage
  • Transfer knockdown tank liquids to disposal
  • Unload PMA, seal-down and laminate (adhesive) asphalt from trucks to storage


  • Transfer blown asphalt or PMA to plant day tank
  • Transfer from day tank to mix tank for blending with filler
  • Transfer coating asphalt to coater
  • Return coating asphalt to mix tank
  • Meter seal-down onto shingles
  • Meter laminate onto shingles

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North American Leading Asphalt Roofing Company

A leading American roofing shingle manufacturer’s corporate “reliability engineer” reached out to DESMI. He was looking for an alternative to the filled asphalt pumps that his company had used for years from another supplier. He had been going through the factory’s equipment to determine which products were the least reliable and costing the most money. DESMI proposed the proven HD201 ROTAN® asphalt pump, and the client agreed to a demanding trial. The goal was that if the pump could run for 12 months, then it was a success. The DESMI HD201B was installed in January 2019, and over one year and a half later, the pump is still operating at original speed. It is still performing just as it was January 2019 more than a year ago. It has proven to be an exceptionally successful trial.

ROTAN® pumps are made with a ”back pull out” system! This means that a pump, delivered on a base plate, with a spacer coupling, connecting gear or motor to the pump, can be serviced without breaking any pipe connections or moving the motor/gearbox. Just by taking out the spacer in the coupling, you have access to dismount the total rear end of the pump.

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DESMI has a full range of different pumps and matching equipment supporting the handling of asphalt and bitumen products. Including unique features suited for today’s needs and new polymer based formulations, we have the solution.

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