FineFog - Fire-Fighting System

Fixed Water Based Fire-Fighting System for Local Application


High Efficiency and Reliability DESMI has supplied more than 120 water-based firefighting solutions to all kinds of vessels around the globe, which is a living proof that DESMI customers are satisfied with the performance of our products. Be it for the general cargo ships, passenger ships or offshore vessels, we know the owners’ demands based on the many years of trouble-free operation.


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Systems Available:

  • Fixed water-based local application system for machinery space
  • Water sprinkler system for accommodation
  • Deck foam system for oil/chemical tanker deck protection
  • Helideck foam system for helicopter landing area
  • Water spray/deluge/drencher system for special category space

The DESMI local application Fire-Fighting System is a low pressure FineFogfixed water-based system using fresh water, approved for use as a local fire protection system for high risk objects such as:


  • Top of combustion machinery
  • Boiler fronts (for oil fired boilers)
  • Other oil fired burners (inert gas, etc.)
  • Incinerators
  • Purifiers for heated fuel oil
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Fine-Fog (fire-fighting)

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