B114N DESMI priming pump

The DESMI B114 priming pump is driven by its own electric motor


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The DESMI priming pump is designed for mounting on non-selfpriming centrifugal pumps thus making the pump unit self-priming. In order to make the unit work, the delivery pipe has to be shut off, e.g. by means of a non-return valve.

The filter prevents solids from penetrating the priming pump, and the non-return valve (H) secures that back flow is avoided when the priming pump is stopped.


If the main pump has positive suction head the solenoid valve stops water from running through the priming pump unexpected when the pump and priming pump are stopped.

The priming pump is provided with a supplementary tank at the discharge side of the priming pump which has to be filled with water prior to starting the system. During priming, the air escapes while the water circulates in the pump procuring sealing and cooling.

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DESMI Priming Pump B114

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DESMI Priming Pump B114N (T1488)

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