DESMI Priming Ejector

Designed for mounting on non-selfpriming centrifugal pumps


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The DESMI priming ejector is designed for mounting on non-selfpriming centrifugal pumps thus making the pump unit self-priming. In order to make the unit work, the delivery pipe has to be shut off, e.g. by means of a non-return valve

Compressed air will flow through the ejector and create a vacuum in the pump casing and suction line. After priming, the pumps will build up pressure in the discharge line which will activate the presure switch. The presssure switch then disconnect the power to the solenoid valves and the priming stops automatically.


At a fluid pressure of e.g. 10 m / 33 ft total head the unit will disconnect automatically (adjustable from 3 - 100 m / 10 ft - 328 ft total head). If the pressure drops to less than 10 m / 33 ft total head, the unit will automatically start functioning until a counter pressure has been reestablished.

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DESMI Priming Ejector

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DESMI Priming Ejectors (T1521)

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DESMI Centrifugal Pumps

The range of centrifugal pumps is made to meet the requirements of a wide array of different applications. Be it district heating, cooling, HVAC, fire-fighting or perhaps pumps for the engine room of a maritime vessel, a centrifugal pump is often the ideal choice.

DESMI's centrifugal pumps are characterised by high-level efficiency and low NPSH values. Our vertical pumps require minimal space and provide easy access for maintenance of the pump's rotating parts.

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