ROTAN® Stainless Steel Pumps

The most advanced internal gear design available
The range of ROTAN® internal gear pumps is made to meet the requirements of a wide array of different applications. Be it, asphalt and bitumen, chocolate, sugar and molasses, pulp and paper, chemicals or other difficult applications, the ROTAN® internal gear pump is the ideal choice.

● Pumping in either direction

● Easy maintenance
● Sturdy and uncomplicated construction
● Great choice of configurations
● Genuine back pull-out design
● End clearance axial adjustment

2" ANSI Close Coupled Jacketed Mag Drive to gear reducer or electric motor

2.5" NPT Stainless Steel Chocolate (CHD), Bare shaft for customer specific drive options

4" ANSI Chemical Duty (CD), Standard drive

1.5" NPT Close Coupled available with IEC or NEMA motor


ROTAN® CD and ED Internal Gear Pumps in stainless steel

ROTAN® Chemical Duty. Internal gear pumps in stainless steel, designed to handle corrosive liquids.


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