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Stable Operation, High Circulation and Budget Savings

Stable Operation, High Circulation and Budget Savings

Noerresundby Sports Center in Denmark has had DESMI pumps installed for many years. The pumps have been used for circulation of clean water in the pools. In total they have 24 DESMI pumps and recently two new pumps have been installed - one of them generates a yearly saving of approx. EUR 6,700.

”We are very pleased with our DESMI pumps, especially the two new ones, whereof the one handles a circulation of 620 cubic meters of water per hour - the other one a yearly saving of no less than EUR 6,700” says Tommy Pedersen, Technical Manager in Noerresundby Sports Center. DESMI has supplied pumps for Noerresundby Sports Center for many years. The pumps are used all over the sports center for various applications:

  • Heat
  • Chemistry
  • Main circulation
  • Filtration with carbon
  • Splash of water (in the children’s pool)

At the same time it is DESMI that handles all pump service in the center.

Recently, two new pumps have been ordered through the water treatment company Poe & Leg. A DSL 250-310/D-G and a NSL 150-265 B/D02. Both pumps are like other pumps delivered in bronze to ensure a long lifetime and stable operation. ”Chlorine is a very rough liquid and bronze pumps are the right material to ensure a high efficiency and stable operation” adds Tommy.

The DSL pump is one of the biggest pumps in the engine room and is used for water circulation in the big 50 meter long pool in the sports center. Tommy says: ”It was necessary to have a pump that could handle a high circulation flow and the DSL pump was the right choice. The DSL pump runs 24 hours a day and it has been delivered with a frequency converter so that the flow can be adjusted during night hours - and that works perfectly” says Tommy.

Tommy adds that he is very pleased with the purchased NSL pump which is used in connection to the children’s pool. ”The DESMI NSL pump use 2-2.5 less kW per hour, and with 24 hours a day that is a lot of hours during a year and our calculations show that we can reach a saving of EUR 6,700 a years which is very satisfying”.

The DESMI NSL pump for the children’s pool generates a saving on EUR
6,700 a year in kW.
Tommy Pedersen, Technical Manager at Noerresundby
Sports Center in front of the DESMI DSL 250-310/D-G
pump, which pumps 620 cubic meters of water per hour.

About Noerresundby Sports Center

Noerresundby Sports Center is a full house sports center, representing most branches of sport. The center has two sport halls, a large swimming pool on 50 meter, two indoor tennis courts, four squash courts, a room for boxing training, a small fitness center, outdoor playing fields for football, outdoor fields, beach volley, mini golf including a course and training center with room for 120 guest staying overnight. The area around the center is very beautiful and has wonderful tracks for hiking and running and it is close to a bowling center and routes for mountainbike.

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