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OptiSave™ Energy Saving System

With DESMI OptiSaveTM it is simple - save 80,000 USD by having an intelligent control of your cooling water system

The cooling water system on-board vessels is designed for operation in 32°C seawater and 100% engine load and the auxiliary equipment runs as if this condition is permanent.

However, the seawater temperatures of the oceans are not 32°C all over the world. Actually, there are only few hotspots where these conditions are present. This means that the cooling system in 95% of operation time are absorbing too much energy.

By installing DESMI OptiSaveTM energy saving system you will be able to regulate the energy consumption according to actual cooling demand and thereby save fuel for your generating sets.

You will achieve a 50% reduction in the energy consumption for your cooling water pumps already at 28°C. The power consumption of the pump will be reduced 4 times compared to the speed reduction of the pump.

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OptiSaveTM Energy Saving System

An example trip from Shanghai to Denmark – with and without OptiSaveTM:





Total savings:


The accumulated saving achieved by the DESMI OptiSave system is 52.000 kWh

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Your savings with DESMI OptiSaveTM on this trip:

We have saved 52,000 kWh - and on board the vessel it costs 0,2 kilogram fuel to produce 1 kWh. The fuel savings will thereby accumulate to 10,3 tons of fuel. With today’s bunker price of 590 USD / ton fuel the savings for the described trip from Shanghai to Denmark will reach 6.130 USD for a 4 weeks trip.

Saving calculation:
52,000 kWh
0.2 kilogram fuel
= 10.3 tons fuel

Saving calculation:
10.3 tons
= 6130 $  - in 4 weeks

676,000 kWh > fuel > 80,000 $

Based on actual data logging the proven savings of the DESMI OptiSaveTM system will reach an annually savings of amazing 80.000 USD 

You can save millions of tons of fuel oil using OptiSaveTM
OptiSaveTM helps ship owners and designers to meet the requirement for reduction of C02 stipulated in IMO MEPC 62 rules. OptiSaveTM is designed to be integrated in newbuild and retrofit applications and can be fully integrated into the overall Control System.

IMO has specified that the world fleet has to reduce CO2 emissions by 180 million tons by 2020. This is equal to savings on an average of 285 tons of CO2 or the same as 110 tons of fuel oil per vessel.
If you install OptiSaveTM in your ships’ seawater system you will save approx. 70 tons of fuel oil per year (average value per vessel) which corresponds to 64% of the CO2 emission stipulated by IMO.
If you install OptiSaveTM in the fresh-water system as well, the savings will be up to 140 tons of fuel oil, corresponding to 128% (average per vessel).

Finally, if you also install the OptiSaveTM in your engine room fan system, the savings will be around 210 tons of fuel oil, in total 192% of the CO2 emission stipulated by IMO.

Case: Saved more than 40,000 EUR per year!

Several vessels have been equipped with the DESMI OptiSaveTM control system and variable speed drives to reduce the flow of the pumps to match the required demand.

The Danish ship owner ‘Lauritzen Kosan’ have had the system installed on two seawater cooling pumps. The pumps had a required power of 43 kW, but after the installation of DESMI OptiSaveTM the average required power dropped to 15 kW. The average SW temperature was 25.5°C. The savings over a three months’ period were 10,000 EUR (based on HFO price of 680 USD/ton). The payback time for the full installation is less than a year.

Consultant Carsten Routhe Johansen
Lauritsen Kosan says:

“The project has been a great success. All parts of the project has been running smoothly and according to the plan and today four systems are installed on our ships and the fifth system will follow. I really must say that all the promised savings are actually as predicted. This brought us savings of 78 ton of fuel per ship per year and with today’s dollar exchange rate it will be around 40,000 EUR per year for each ship.

And the savings will be even bigger
- if we use gas oil.”

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