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OptiPower Power Quality System


Power Quality System

An often overlooked factor is poor Power Quality, which has consequences on the economy of every company. (Poor power quality costs money!) In recent years there has been a large increase in the number of non–linear loads connected to the electrical network (computers, LED bulbs, UPS, Frequency Converters, etc.). This development has a negative impact on the electrical system.

OptiPower ensure Marine and industrial installations a maximum performance of their electrical network. OptiPower reduces loss within the electrical network and prevents electrical distortion.

OptiPower Concept
OptiPower is a new way of thinking with regard to Power Quality Management through Intelligent Analyzers. OptiPower is everything from measuring to installation of equipment optimizing the Power Quality.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
The total harmonic distortion is the sum of all contributing harmonic distortions. From the electrical network, a non-linear load draws a distorted current, which will modify the shape of the sinusoidal voltage. Non-linear loads generate harmonic currents, which flow from the load towards the power supply, following the route with the lowest impedance. Harmonic currents are currents whose frequency is an integer multiple of the fundamental (fundamental of the power supply). By applying Active Filters, you can improve or remove Harmonics in industrial and marine electrical networks making it possible to meet the required standards.

Harmonics cause excess heating that can damage equipment. For example, as cables overheat, the insulation is damaged. Motors are at risk of overheating and becoming noisy, and torque oscillations in the rotor can result in mechanical resonance and vibration. If a capacitor overheats, in the most severe cases, the breaking down of the dielectric creates an explosion risk. Additionally, the impacts of harmonics can cause electronic displays and lighting to flicker, circuit breakers to trip, computers to fail, and meters to give false readings. Harmonics reduce reliability and equipment quality, while increasing operation and investment costs.

3 large negative effects of poor power quality

1. Energy efficiency

  • Increased IRMS
  • Loss of installation power

2. Oversizing

  • Transformers/generators
  • Cables
  • Fuses

3. Electrical disturbance

  • Component burning
  • Resonance of capacitor banks

The Many Advantages

  • Optimizing power quality management through intelligent analyses - from measuring to installation
  • Improvement or removal of harmonic electrical networks making it possible to meet required standards
  • Easily achievable energy savings
  • No more loss of energy
  • No more overheating
  • No more electrical disturbance

DESMI OptiPower is a concept based on the many years of experience and knowhow from the entire global DESMI group and initiated to form the industry benchmark for easily achievable energy savings within the applicable industries.  For more information, contact DESMI Automation.

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